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Davette has made a unique and celebrated career catering to the specific natural hairstyle needs and dress code requirements of men in and woman of color serving in the military.  In fact, over 40 percent of Davette’s clients are military personnel.

Davette’s dedication paid off. Davette has been recognized in CNN’s Great Big Story series Shine called “Locs for Liberty” airing nationally on CNN & TNT this March 2019. Davette is also featured in the February 10th & 13th 2017 issues of the New York Times & the San Antonio Express-News (below) respectively regarding the fact that the US Armed Forces has lifted its ban on Locs & Braids of Black service women.  DAVETTE’S LATEST PODCAST

Davette is proud of this achievement and congratulates the United States Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force & Marine Corps for recognizing and embracing the cultural importance of this timeless and beautiful hairstyle.

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CNN video

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